Rossi Pullman-Green


About Rossi

Experience: Over 5 years in cuddles and purring, Looking cute.
Hobbies: Watching birds, Wildlife, Eating, Sleeping
Qualifications: Current skills in sleeping
Fully trained in turning my nose up
Certificate in cuteness
Level 6 fluency in cat language
Additional Training: Purr training
Cat language teaching
Positive Vibes
Please contact me and I can clarify more of my training background

Our Childcare Benefits

I am Rossi the family pet. My strengths are being patient, friendly and staying out of the way as best I can. I constantly eat and sleep but like to venture out every now and then. I love my family and that includes my extended family, just so long as you let me sleep when and where I want. My favourite saying is ‘MEOW’ and my mummy and daddy love when I nag them for food.

Children love to learn through play and we actively encourage messy play for the children we look after. Activities that we provide within the home setting include: music time, story time, painting, cutting and sticking, dressing up, Play-Doh, crafts work etc…. and above all while we are playing and having lots of fun we are learning and developing new skills at the same time.

Hayley’s Comets offers affordable childminding services, starting at only £4.50 per hour in a home-from-home setting, including via free funded spaces during the basic hours of 7am-6pm. Hayley’s Comets provides flexibility and can work to suit most families and their commitments. Hours outside of the main childcare hours will be charged at £6 per hour. Please contact Hayley’s Comets directly for more details.

Time Split


At Hayley’s Comets we love to learn through both educational activities and messy play. We ensure that the children we care for get a great balance of these and hope that our approach means they go home each day looking forward to the next.