All Staff

Hayley Pullman
Owner / Director
Experience: 15 Years in an Educational setting
Hobbies: Crafts, Music, Travelling and Family
I am excited to make sure your children gain the most out of their time with me and we try our hardest to cram our days full of activities and play. We provide activities and outings across all areas including: […]
James Green
Experience: Father of Three and Retail Managing Staff for 11 years
Hobbies: Sport, Family, Travelling, Music and Cars
I am Hayley’s registered assistant and I provide assistance in helping to make sure your children gain the most out of their time with us here at Hayley’s comets, where we have a keen interest in helping your children learn […]
Kim Pullman
Experience: Over 40 years in Education and Special Educational Need (SEND)
Hobbies: Netball, Sport, Ceramics Painting
I am Hayley's mum Kim and her registered assistant. I provide assistance during the school holidays. I am keen and interested in helping your children learn and develop through play and activities. I work in a local Primary school and […]
Rossi Pullman-Green
Experience: Over 5 years in cuddles and purring, Looking cute.
Hobbies: Watching birds, Wildlife, Eating, Sleeping
I am Rossi the family pet. My strengths are being patient, friendly and staying out of the way as best I can. I constantly eat and sleep but like to venture out every now and then. I love my family […]